Improve Your Lawn Without Harsh Chemicals

Find out about our organic lawn care & soil testing services in the Sioux Falls, SD area

When you get lawn care services, do you wonder if your contractor is using products that could be harmful for your kids or pets? Finest Green Lawn Care & Irrigation uses organic lawn care products that you don't have to worry about. We serve all areas within 20 miles of Sioux Falls, SD.

You can turn to us for a four-step natural and organic lawn care program. We offer soil testing to help you customize your services to get a healthy soil that promotes lush green lawn without synthetic chemicals!

Our Organic Lawn Care Program

Our Organic Lawn Care Program

When you hire our company, you'll get a program of services based on what we've learned over more than 20 years. We'll provide:

  • 4 step natural organic granular fertilizer program 
  • Soil testing services
  • Core aeration and overseeding 
  • Granular organic compost topdressing 
  • Soil amendment 
  • Lawn revitalization 

You'll be on the right path to a kid and pet-safe lawn in no time! Call 605-941-5971 right away for a free estimate on our organic lawn care program.