Take Care of Your Irrigation System All Season Long

We offer lawn irrigation & maintenance services in the Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding areas

You don't want a dry, parched lawn, but that's what you could get this summer if your irrigation system isn't working properly. Finest Green Lawn Care & Irrigation can make sure that your lawn irrigation system is fully functioning in Sioux Falls, SD or the surrounding area.

You can count on our team to:

  • Prepare your irrigation system for use in the spring
  • Handle irrigation maintenance in the summer
  • Winterize your irrigation system in the fall 

With over 20 years of experience, we have what it takes to complete irrigation work with ease. Call 605-941-5971 right away for a free estimate on lawn irrigation services.

Do you need to test your irrigation system?

Do you need to test your irrigation system?

When you want to see how well your irrigation system is working, we can perform complete irrigation system testing. You'll find out how efficiently the system is using water and whether it requires any maintenance or repairs. To schedule irrigation system testing services, contact our crew now.